back to basics doll #5. READY TO SHIP


Image of back to basics doll #5. READY TO SHIP

Welcome to the new #aubreyplaysbacktobasicsline
You may ask: well, what does that mean!?
Well, it means that I personally have gone back to what is in my heart, what I am good at, what I know.
My basics.
I am a painter and an artist and I love TEXTURES!!
I am using all of theses things that feel so familiar to me and creating the most beautiful dolls that I can imagine! SO honestly, there is nothing "basic" about a single one of these dolls.
Also these dolls start out naked. Nothing more back to basics than that!

This doll’s face has gold freckles and gold accents on her eyes. They are so pretty!
She has been made with a eggplant wool base as her scalp and has sumptuous curly yarn buns.
The colors in hair range from blues, purples greens pinks and gold.
She wears removable clothes.
Her soft purple sweater has ribbed cowl style neck with a red stripe.
Her pants. Did you see them?? THEY HAVE SLOTHS! (lizards and birds too, BUT SLOTHS!)
The waistband is chartreuse with birds and a maroon satin ribbon.
They are TOO. MUCH. FUN.
She has ABSOLUTELY beautiful embroidered green eyes.
She also has a pretty purple heart on her cheek.

Some things to know about this new line of dolls:
*each of these dolls are measuring approximately 20 inches tall.

*each of these beautifully crafted dolls starts with me painting a watercolor face and then, immaculately stitching faces. This process means that each doll is truly unique and a one of a kind.

*each of these dolls is starting out “naked” (different than any dolls I made before)
each made with 100% cotton. Some of the bodies may have birth marks once I am done with the painting process.

*The hair. Each dolls hair is sumptuous and fabulous and will each start with a wool felt scalp base and then have lots of yarn attached to give her the most fun head of hair and so much personality!
If you see that the hair has been put into a bun, I have tacked it that way with stitching.

PLEASE NOTE: The hair on these dolls make them a bit delicate.
This makes the play more suited for children older than 3.
(yarn hair is not tasty, a younger child may even choke on it)