I am so very excited you found me!

You might be asking well, what now? 

Yes! {happy dancing}
you just bought a totally awesome item! WHEN WILL IT SHIP?
Dolls in the "ready-to-ship" category are ready to go! They ship the next business day.

Create-your-own orders are finished and shipped 10-21 days from the date you place your order and payment is received 
(and often well before that!)
Don't worry, I like to keep you in the know and will be in contact! 

(No create-your-own orders are started until full payment has been received.)

KEEPSAKE ITEMS are made and shipped 10-14 days AFTER the day I receive your package in the mail.

PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR MAILING ADDRESS ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS CURRENT. This is where I will ship your package. PLEASE, let me know as soon as possible if you want it shipped to a different address.
I have had the best luck shipping items in the US via priority mail. My shipping rates reflect that cost.  If there should be a huge discrepancy in cost once I send out your package, I will issue you a refund. 

Packages sent out of the US are sent regular mail using a customs form. I will be sure to email you the information from that ticket. If I find any instance that you were overcharged for shipping once your package has been mailed, I will issue you the difference.


Dolls are best hand washed gently in the sink with cold water. 

I have found (with lots of experience) that oxy clean gets almost any stain out and off of your doll. The skirt can be thrown in the wash, cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry.
ANY hand crochet accessories can be washed by hand and laid flat to dry.

unfortunately, because everything I make is made by hand and takes time, I do not accept returns.
That being said, I WANT YOU TO BE SO SO HAPPY.
PLEASE contact me if you have any concerns or questions, and we can figure it out together. 

How do you know what I am sending you is a quality item?
aubreyplays opened up in 2010 via ETSY.
CLICK HERE to see what my customers have to say.
My name is on each and every product I ship. I promise to send out items made immaculately, and with love and care.
I just would not have it any other way.

Thanks so much for feeding my creative spirit by purchasing from my shop.